Kuruwita is located in the south-western part of Sri Lanka in the wet zone. The area borders the main rain forest known as Singharaja and receives rain mainly from south-western monsoons from May to September. During the remaining months of the year there is considerable precipitation as well. The average annual precipitation is about 4,000 to 5,000 mm. The average temperature varies from 24 to 30 °C, and humidity levels could be high.

Around Bopath Ella, Batadomba lena, (cave) Diva guhawa (cave) and Dodan Ella (water fall) could be listed as other attractions. All locations are accessible and could be covered on a day trip.

Bopath falls (Bopath Ella)

The main attraction from minara is the “Bopath Ella”. ‘Bopath’ in Sinhala means ‘Bo’ leaf. When the water cascades down the rock it takes the shape of a Bo leaf and thus the name Bopath Ella. This is by far the most popular tourist attraction around Kuruwita and attracts many visitors especially during the weekend.


Dodan Ella (Dodan Falls)

It is worthwhile to travel for about 2 kilometers from Bopath Ella towards the Devipahala area, where the not so known ‘Dodan Ella’ falls is situated. The fall is created by a tributary of the Kuru ganga which joins it near Bopath Ella. The top most part of the fall descends to a deep pool where the water is not spilled over, but collects underneath the rock and continues to cascade down to the second level. This indeed is a strange and rare formation. Visitors to this spot have to descend to the waterfall along its edge to reach the bottom of the falls as there is no other approachable path. Warning: Visitors have to be cautious when climbing down and upalong the edge as it could be dangerous. The adventure trail from Bopath Ella to Dodan Ella along the river is interesting and provides a fascinating view of the fall.



Batadombalena became an important archeological site after evidence relating to pre-historic human activities was discovered. To reach the caves - turn off at Ekneligoda (on the Kuruwita - Erathna road) to the Siripagama road and proceed for about 3 kilometers. to Batadomba-lena junction. Trekking through the forest for about 1200 meters will lead to the caves. Alternate route to Adam’s Peak is via Siripagama, during the pilgrim season. Batadomba lena consists of a few rock caves. The jungle track through the forest is a wonderful experience and it runs along a stream for a lengthy distance.



To Divaguhawa, proceed on the Kuruwita – Erathna road passing Ekneligoda. At the Batathota junction the road to the left leads to the temple known as ‘Batatota len viharaya’. (About 1500 meters) This cave, height of around 400 feet is huge with some ancient constructions & drawings dating back to the Kandyan era. The school of thought is that the Lord Buddha visited this cave on his journey to Sri-pada. (Adam’s Peak) Adam's peak is clearly visible from this cave on a clear day and it attracts a fair number of visitors. For those who love adventure, you could climb down from Divaguhawa to the ‘Isthripura’ caves as well.


Maha Saman Devalaya

This is a shrine dedicated to the god Saman. The god Saman is (a Buddhist deity) considered to be the guardian of Ratnapura. When the Portuguese captured Ratnapura, the ancient shrine that stood at this location was destroyed and a Portuguese church was constructed on top of it. When the Kandyan kingdom recaptured Ratnapura, the Portuguese church was destroyed and the shrine was rebuilt. Although there is no direct evidence to support the existence of the old shrine, indirect evidence supports the existence of a shrine that looked like a Hindu temple. The Saman Devalaya is an important place of worship and the colourful annual pageant is an event not to be missed.


Gem Mines

There are many gem mines around the area, especially in paddy fields on lower ground, running to depths around 10m to 50m.

Portable hand operating tools are used in the mining process such as shovel, picks, pans (specially made from bamboo) and cradles. Once soil is excavated from the mine, with the use of water, the dirt and mud is wash out using pans and if there are precious stones which are heavier than normal stones they remain at the bottom of the pan.




This is an ideal location for adventure. Travelers with a passion for nature and ecotourism will find minara, Bopath Ella and its environs a dream come true. Over 60 different birds could be spotted in the wilderness and also could be spotted from the hotel. Specialized programs under expert guidance could be arranged for guests with advance notice. Workshop and day packages tailor made for the guests’ needs will be arranged by the hotel.  Some activities are

  • Scouting
  • Nature trails
  • Jungle hiking
  • Raft making and rafting
  • Mid ropes courses
  • High Ropes Courses
  • Deep descending
  • Rock Climbing
  • Hiking to Adam’s peak – (Via Erathna)

Adventurreous rock climbing can be
arranged on request